5 reasons why you should learn percussion

Sometimes when people want to learn music, they don’t really have an idea of what they want to learn specifically – singing, a melodic instrument, percussion? While making the decision, it’s important to keep in mind what you like.  Do you like the idea of singing? Or has it always been your dream to play the […]

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Music as a teaching tool – expert tips for educators
learning music

For schools and educators to prepare students for the workplace of the future, it’s important to prioritise music. Learning music is not just an “extra” to abandon in favour of math or science. It goes hand-in-hand with students’ efforts to grow and succeed in the future, and music can be a powerful teaching tool.  Studies […]

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Notes from a Diva – 10 Tips from Usha Uthup
Usha Uthup

Like most humans, I never pass up the opportunity to be in the presence of greatness.  I also think spending time with legends can offer life-altering, peak experiences for children. So, when we had the opportunity to invite the incredible Usha Uthup to do a masterclass with us at SaPa, we jumped at it.   While […]

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