Whether you’re a singer, instrumentalist, composer, producer, songwriter, or distributor and music marketer, Spotify is at the heart of what you do. We recently held a masterclass (open to all established and aspiring musicians) – delivered by a leader from Spotify India. Here were some of his takeaways on how you can start growing through the platform: 

Download the Spotify for Artists app:

It contains insights on how many playlists your music is in, where your listeners are, what they enjoy, and more. It will help you streamline your music plan and start releasing more of what your fans love. 

Remember – playlists are everything:

Even as a listener, it is natural to choose a playlist over a single. This is especially true if you’re driving, cooking, or don’t have immediate access to the screen. Curate playlists with your own music as well as popular music from artists you admire. Share the playlists on social media and tag your favourite musicians. If they end up sharing your post, their fan base will listen to your music too.  

Choose quality over quantity:

There’s no “right” answer to the question “how often should I put out new music?” What is important, however, is that you focus on great content – even if you’re not able to release very frequently.   

Pitch to get into Spotify’s editorial playlists:

You can pitch your music directly on the Spotify for Artists page, but the final decision rests completely on the editor in charge of the playlist. Make sure you choose playlists that are relevant to your music when you’re pitching. Most importantly, DO NOT pay anyone to get your music into a playlist. Spotify never asks for artists to pay; if anyone asks for a fee to get into a Spotify playlist, it is a scam. 

Share Spotify links on social media:

You can share links from the Spotify app directly on Instagram stories, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms. Don’t be shy; amplify your music everywhere and ensure that everyone is listening to and sharing your music. 

Give it time

As is the case with any online platform, growing on Spotify takes time, consistent effort, and going back to the drawing board again if required. Be sure to take advantage of the Spotify for Artists app, keep monitoring your growth, and ask your friends to give you an extra boost on social media. And remember, every platform keeps evolving every day. What works today may be completely different tomorrow. So keep an eye out for new updates and tips, and make sure that your strategy is always relevant. 

Whether you’re an educator or a performer, SaPa offers useful tips for you to move to the next level. Read them all on our blog. If you’re looking for ways to grow as an on-stage performer, you might be interested in this self-paced course on stagecraft by Usha Uthup. Sign up here.

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