How to improve your Western Vocal Skills?

Practise vocal technique

It is essential that voice techniques are a part of western vocal lessons for beginners

Don't imitate someone else

Your unique ability lies in your voice, where you can explore a diverse range of variations, inflections, and nuances that distinguish you from anyone else.

Practise smart if you cannot practise long

Ensure to practise for at least 30 minutes a day and incorporate diversity into your practice to maximize its effectiveness.

Train your ears

Just as writing requires reading, singing necessitates listening. You must listen to songs from various genres of western music.

Learn to balance your  chest voice and head voice

With diligent practise, you can produce a rich and balanced high sound.

Record & listen to yourself

When you sing and listen simultaneously, you might not gain a realistic perception of your voice

If you are looking to explore a new skill this summer