6 challenges in learning music with simple tips to overcome them 

Is learning music, joining a singing class, or playing an instrument on your bucket list of things to do in life? Have you really been meaning to learn but just not gotten around to doing it? Understandably, there are some tough odds: dealing with tight schedules, not finding the right teacher, perhaps being told that […]

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9 practice techniques for beginners learning to play the Carnatic violin

Practising the Carnatic violin? Wonderful! Would you like a daily practice routine that you can follow easily? You’ve come to the right place. We have some great techniques which will teach you how to practise the violin effectively. Stirring and devotional, sweet and melodious – the sounds that a Carnatic violinist can produce can stay […]

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Music as a teaching tool – expert tips for educators
learning music

For schools and educators to prepare students for the workplace of the future, it’s important to prioritise music. Learning music is not just an “extra” to abandon in favour of math or science. It goes hand-in-hand with students’ efforts to grow and succeed in the future, and music can be a powerful teaching tool.  Studies […]

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The best age for children to begin music classes

At what age should you start music classes for your child? Should you wait till they show some mild prowess before you register them for formal music classes? Or should you make the first effort and condition them to become musical? What is the easiest music instrument for a child to learn? Dr. Ambi Subramaniam […]

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9 Useful tips to improve your singing voice

What does it take to be a ‘good’ singer? Can anyone sing or do you need to have a gifted voice? Can you train your voice to sound good? Here is some good news for aspiring singers! Research says that singing is an acquired skill rather than an inborn talent. So, there is a very […]

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