making your music unique. If only you had the time to work on it in depth without having to set aside time for studies. 

Rest assured, you are not the first person to feel this way. After all, music has many benefits (don’t miss the related infographic) and many children want to make it their career. And then, most people wish they had more time to pursue their passions. This is why we have a myth-buster on time for you. And some facts about those musical legends we all love – before they became legends. And a whole load of ideas on how to build yourself musically and qualify yourself academically alongside.

After all, there are several people who work on music while they are married, have kids, and have a full-time job! When they can balance work life with their musical aspirations, surely you can manage to balance music and life as a student too.

It is natural to think that if only you were a child star like Justin Bieber or the teen sensation that Britney Spears or Taylor Swift was, you would have had a much better chance at success than while you are loaded with a lot of meaningless work that you think you will never use in your musical profession (if all goes as you plan). Don’t give in to this line of thought. It is a matter of planning, time management (for studies and music), and setting your priorities straight rather than luck or a few spots of genius.  

How to balance your life with music and studies

1. Maintain your academic schedule 

violin and piano, and take singing classes, songwriting, or music production to get a good idea of what it is you want to do next. It is also a good idea to have a base in classical music of some form; this will give you the wings to branch out into any genre as you grow in your musical pursuit.  

composing music. Familiarise yourself with folk and classical songs from your country, state, and town as well as music from around the world. Listening to a diverse range of genres will give you in depth appreciation for music and musicians, songs and singers and writers.

You have the most time for practice at the school level as the academic workload is the least at this time. At the same time, some crucial years require you to focus longer on studies. The wonderful thing is that the National Education Policy (NEP) addresses the needs of creative people like you and wants you to pursue your musical aspiration. It is now mandatory to offer courses and electives in music and performing arts at various levels of education. So, even in senior school, music can be one of your elective subjects. 

Spotify to increase your visibility and fanbase. 

Note: Make sure that you don’t make social media a time-waster in your life! Use it productively.

Bust that myth about ‘No time’

Singer, songwriter, and Dean of SaPa, Bindu Subramaniam has this to say about insufficient time for practice: “You need to find space for everything that you value in your life. My dad (violin maestro, Dr. L Subramaniam) always used to give this example that his dad always gave him, ‘Did you brush your teeth today, did you bathe today, did you eat food…ok…so you have time for all of these things and yet somehow…!’ 

8. Get a part-time job in the music industry

self-paced courses, taught by music legends from the industry. These are courses you always wanted to learn but never had the time to sign up for – 15 different disciplines – singing, playing, music production, songwriting in different musical genres. Explore now and become a master in no time!