How can technology make music education more effective? 

Harmonizing Passion and Profession

One of the most exciting developments in the world of technology and music education in 2023 was Duolingo making an entry into the community. The app is giving millions of people access to the basics of music in a fun, gamified way. 

This all leads us to the big question: how can technology enhance the music education experience?

Here is our list of ways to make it easier, in ways that parents and educators can implement in a sustainable and engaging way:

1 – Use online courses to reach more students

Online courses offer personalised and structured experiences, while giving students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. You can find courses on everything, from GarageBand to Indian Classical Music, and instruments to composition. 

Click here to check out SaPa’s catalogue of online self-paced courses by top musicians from around the world. 

2 – Use apps and online tools to create an interactive experience

Quizzes, streaks, and awards go a long way in keeping students motivated to stay on their learning journey. They can also make their own music, sing with backing tracks, correct their mistakes, and more. 

3 – Make the most of online communities

There are plenty of students from around the world trying to learn and better themselves. Online forums are a great way to build a network of like-minded learners and connect with other musicians and students. 

Discussion forums are an opportunity to discover fellow artists, swap tips, solve glitches, and find inspiration – all from the comfort of home. 

In 2020, SaPa adapted all its course material to deliver its outcomes in a virtual environment. From games and widgets to printables and self-paced learning material, we ensured that children were able to access music education while staying home. One of the most important things, however, was live online sessions with their teachers. 


While technology has been a game-changer, especially during the pandemic, it is important to remember its limitations. Technology is a supplement to live interaction with a teacher; it is not a replacement. 


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