2021 was a year that evoked mixed feelings for the music industry. Events and get-togethers took place but were tentative and cautious. However, there was some level of socialising which resulted in footfalls at concerts. 

The heartening thing was that the world found a way to survive and thrive in the virtual space. Social media played a huge part in disseminating music when LIVE physical concerts were not possible.

Here at SaPa, we authored a number of blogs on the basics of music, questions parents had, trends in the industry, distributing your music, and more. Of them, we have chosen 12 blogs to help you and your children gain some perspective on music and how to take it forward. Don’t miss out on these useful tips covering a wide range of subjects. 

I. Growing your music

1. How to get your music heard

What should you do once you have your song written, recorded, and produced? How can you ensure that it gets heard? Find out what others are doing that you can do … and more.

2. How to grow on Spotify 

It is essential for all music artistes to have a presence on a popular audio streaming platform like Spotify. How can you make sure that your music stands out and is shared by music buffs here? Here are a few tips shared by a Spotify expert.

II.     Performing on stage

3. Overcoming stagefright

Do you feel afraid every time you think of performing in front of an audience? You are not alone. Even seasoned performers feel weak-kneed when the spotlight is on them. Singer-songwriter, Bindu Subramaniam, gives you a unique perspective that will make you feel a part of the audience rather than pit you against them. 

Learn the art of stagecraft from a veteran and thorough performer. 

III.   Children & music

4. When to start music classes for children 

How do you know if your child is ready to join music classes? Some kids are vocal about their interest. What if they are not? Read violinist Ambi Subramaniam’s experience to get some clarity on when to enrol your child(ren) in music classes.

5. Can music become a career for my child?

Does your child want to be a rock or pop star or perhaps a music director? Sounds exciting, but is it really a pragmatic and feasible career choice?  Here is an inside look at singer-songwriter Bindu Subramaniam’s experience. See if her perspectives and beliefs can help resolve your dilemma.

IV.    Music and work life 

6. How to be a performing musician when you are a working professional

Are you a musician who has to earn a living alongside? A challenging task but not an impossible one. In fact, ‘impossible’ spells ‘I’m possible’ once you’ve read these ways to achieve your goals.  

V.     Tips to improve your music

7. How to make your music unique

There is so much great music out there. And all singers and musicians are trying their best to differentiate themselves. What can set your music apart? Violinist Ambi Subramaniam tells you what he does to make music that is unique and, yet, one that resonates with the audience.

8. Tips to make a cover song your own

Do you want to record a song that is already copyrighted by another artiste/musician? Do you know that you can record a famous song in your voice with your own music? This is called a cover song. Here are some tips on how to do this legally.

9. Useful tips to compose music

Is it a secret dream of yours to compose music? Now, it neither has to be a dream nor a secret! Here are some tips to get you in the right mindset so you can start your own compositions. Unlock the Mozart from within!  

Learn music composition from an active and famous Bollywood composer.

10. 10 tips for aspiring musicians

Most careers have a clear path, a structure, or line of study to follow. Quite unlike music. What should you do to become a successful musician? There is no field guide as such. But, we have some guidelines that can kickstart your musical aspirations. Take a look!

VI.   Carnatic music

11. Carnatic music lessons for beginners

Are you new to Carnatic music? Learn all about the history of Carnatic music, the difference between Carnatic and Hindustani music and what you will learn in your beginner Carnatic music lessons. This is an adventure you should dive headlong into!

12. Practice tips for Carnatic vocalists 

What should you do to improve your Carnatic singing? Is there a way to better your range, pitch, and swarasthana? These tips and guidelines will make you a better Carnatic music vocalist. Also, learn what two famous vocalists suggest with regard to practice routines.

Begin your journey into the beautiful and technically endowed world of Carnatic music through vocals, violin, mridangam, konnakol, and flute.
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