The best age for children to begin music classes

At what age should you start music classes for your child? Should you wait till they show some mild prowess before you register them for formal music classes? Or should you make the first effort and condition them to become musical? What is the easiest music instrument for a child to learn? Dr. Ambi Subramaniam […]

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Ask a SaPa Expert: “How many hours a day should I practise music?”
Bindu subramaniam

Whether you are a student, aspiring singer or musician or a professional performer, how many hours a day of practise is advisable? Can small children sit for long hours of practice? Is there an age-wise chart that parents can follow for their children? What should you do on days you don’t feel like practising? Dr. […]

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Hindustani or Carnatic Music? Which music style should my child learn
SaPa Session

“My child has decided to learn vocals/instrumentals. But we are confused about whether to choose Hindustani or Carnatic classical Music.” Many parents have this dilemma. Are you one of them? If this is something you have been mulling about, let’s explore these two beautiful musical styles/systems.  A ‘note’ on music Music is about silence and sound. […]

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Can my child make music a career?
career in music

Music is an exciting field to be in today. There are many tools and technologies available for children to learn and excel. Then why did your eyebrows furrow when your child said that he/she wants to be a musician/singer? If you are an Indian parent, your comfort word is probably ‘engineering’. So, this unique direction […]

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