5 Benefits of Carnatic Vocal Education for Children
Carnatic Vocal Music

When you reminiscence the melodic beauty of the Carnatic tradition and carnatic vocals, you are sure to feel that every note sung is a story waiting to be heard. From the classical renditions of the great maestros to the contemporary twists of upcoming artists, carnatic vocals are a treasure trove of music. Carnatic music takes […]

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Did you know these 6 scientific benefits of listening to and learning Carnatic Music?

There’s foot-tapping, hand clapping, head nodding, and lip-syncing. Where do you think you are?  A concert.  Yes! But, what sort of concert?  Rock or pop probably.  You wouldn’t be wrong but we’re referring to a Carnatic music concert!  If you haven’t been to a Carnatic concert, you must put it on your bucket list of […]

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All you wanted to know about the basics of Carnatic vocal music

If you have been fortunate enough to attend a Carnatic music concert, you would have experienced some of the sweetest sounds on earth! Interest in Carnatic vocal music has (rightly) spread not just in India but around the world. Carnatic performers are no less than rockstars in their own right with a devoted and discerning […]

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6 vocal exercises to help you improve your Carnatic singing voice

You must have noticed that the vocalist in that Carnatic concert you can’t stop raving about had an enviable control over voice modulation, pitch, and ornamentation! Undoubtedly, such levels of Carnatic vocal singing come about because of years of diligent, daily, and dedicated practice. The control in the gamakas (ornamentation), the steady tone at melasthayi […]

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Ask an expert: Is it too late to start learning Carnatic music?

We tend to associate learning Carnatic music with young children. And we believe that it is a great idea to introduce music to children early on. However, there’s no such thing as “it’s too late” to start learning. Here are some reasons why learning Indian classical music, at any age, comes with many benefits:  1 […]

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Hindustani or Carnatic Music? Which music style should my child learn
SaPa Session

“My child has decided to learn vocals/instrumentals. But we are confused about whether to choose Hindustani or Carnatic classical Music.” Many parents have this dilemma. Are you one of them? If this is something you have been mulling about, let’s explore these two beautiful musical styles/systems.  A ‘note’ on music Music is about silence and sound. […]

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