Music from Around India: Exploring Sri Gananatha  

Today, let’s dive into some music from another part of the world. Start by listening to the audio clip below: 

This is a gitam, a short compositional form in South Indian classical (Carnatic) music. It is based on the raga Malahari, and set to Rupaka Talam. 

This song is in praise of Lord Ganesha, and has been composed by Purandara Dasa, one of the most creative Carnatic composers. Because of his work in the area of music, many people call him “Karnataka Sangeetha Pitamaha,” which means the ‘grandfather of Carnatic music.’ 

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For Parents/Teachers 

A gitam (or gita) is a short and simple composition in the praise of a God or a Goddess. Children learn Gitams in preparation for the more difficult pieces. Gitams are an effective way to introduce children to notes (swara) and sahitya (lyrics). They also teach them about concepts like raga, tala, arohana, and avarohana. At the beginning of every practice session, revise these concepts with the children so that they can remember them for a long time. 

Indian music helps children connect with their cultural roots, and learn more about their own culture. They also learn to identify and sing in Indian languages. To help your child start learning, read more about the SaPa in Schools program. Get in touch with us here.  

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