Ask an expert: Is it too late to start learning Carnatic music?

We tend to associate learning Carnatic music with young children. And we believe that it is a great idea to introduce music to children early on. However, there’s no such thing as “it’s too late” to start learning. Here are some reasons why learning Indian classical music, at any age, comes with many benefits: 

1 – It’s good for all ages

Music for young children leads to focus and better motor skills, and for elderly people improves memory and hearing. In many cases, it has also been shown to offset some of the mental discomforts of ageing.   

2 – It builds discipline

Learning to sing or play within a set scale and rhythm is a great way to start working with structure. Working on a sustainable practice schedule develops a sense of discipline, which is a wonderful quality to build at any age. 

3 – It is a great stress buster

Different ragas convey different moods and emotions, and Carnatic music comes with a great range of expressions. Learning to sing or play these ragas is an effective way to recharge.  

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4 – It improves listening skills

Identifying ragas is an integral part of learning Carnatic music. Additionally, listening builds your ability to distinguish pitch, melody, tempo, and more. 

5 – Learning Carnatic music connects you to your cultural roots

Each song comes with its own history. You get to learn more about the composer who wrote thousands of pieces throughout their lifetime. Or the instruments which were made using advanced techniques. Whether you want your child to grow up with this sense of culture, or you yourself want to reconnect with where you come from, learning Carnatic music is a great place to start. 

6 – Picking up a Carnatic instrument is fun at any age

Looking to build your sense of rhythm with a percussion instrument like the mridangam? Or want to explore the veena or violin? Carnatic music has a path that you can chart. 

We believe that Carnatic music has great benefits, and shouldn’t be available only to those from musical families. And, while introducing music to children comes with great benefits, learning it at any age comes with many tangible takeaways too. Whether you’re looking to develop your voice, or reconnect with the violin, there’s no time like the present to start. 

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  • Shripad

    Agree. Have started learning Carnatic violin at the age of 53. Apart from joy I get, playing/learning violin is expected to slow down aging since it is a good neuro muscular exercise

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