How To Keep Your Preschooler Engaged With Music This Summer

Preschooler Engaged with Music this Summer

When kids are out of school for the summer months, it can be a challenge to make sure they’re having fun while learning at the same time. Music is an excellent resource to engage children in creative activities that excite their minds and help them learn valuable skills. Here are some tips on incorporating musical elements into your preschooler’s summer routine that will have them singing along in no time:

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Incorporate Musical Elements Into Daily Routines 

Music has the power to bring life to otherwise mundane activities. From breakfast time to bath time, adding music into daily routines can make them more enjoyable for everyone involved. Play some upbeat tunes as your little one gets ready for the day or choose lullabies for when it’s time for bed – both help foster a more positive environment. 

Use Music and Movement Activities 

Music instantly turns everyday activities into a fun physical activity that engages both cognitive and motor skills at once. Moving around is great exercise during playtime, so why not set up musical chairs or incorporate popular songs with movements like jumping jacks? Your child will get excited about moving their body as well as singing along!  

Incorporate Songs Into Family Activities 

Gatherings with extended family don’t have to feel like a chore when you incorporate music into them! Singing along with classic nursery rhymes or singing karaoke are great ways for family members of all ages to bond together without anyone feeling left out – plenty of fun regardless if anyone can carry a tune or not!  

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Set Up a Mini-Concert For Your Preschooler 

A mini-concert doesn’t have to be expensive; all you need is enthusiasm! Gather up some kitchen supplies or find simple instruments at a secondhand store such as drumsticks, maracas or tambourines and set aside some space in your home just for playing music – this also doubles as an opportunity for your preschooler to practise sharing toys which boosts social development skills! Then let your little one create their own unique melody by rearranging songs they already know or making up new ones – either way there’s sure to be lots of laughs throughout the show!

Get Musical Instruments 

Musical instruments are a great way to introduce young children to the world of music. From simple percussion instruments like maracas and tambourines, to more complex instruments like keyboards and guitars, there’s something out there that can spark a child’s interest in music. 

Organise A Dance Party

Dancing is one of the best ways for children to learn about rhythm and musicality. Put together some of your child’s favourite songs in a playlist and let them explore different movements, jiggles, and jumps as they listen. Invite friends and family over for their very own dance party.

Are you looking for entertaining, educational activities to keep your preschooler occupied this summer? Music is a great way to keep the learning going while having fun. Introduce music to your toddlers early with age-appropriate songs and activities. Stimulate their left brain by exposing them to different languages. Improve their motor skills and encourage sound production with simple instruments like bells and shakers. Connect with your toddler through music at this young age to set the stage for crucial later years. Wondering how? Contact us to find out more about SaPa’s summer specials for preschoolers!

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