Fun ways for kids to use the Dussehra break and learn new things

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Dussehra is fast approaching, ringing in the most festive time of year.  It’s also possibly the time when people feel the most connected to Indian culture and look to explore traditional roots. 

With Dussehra comes the joy of a ten-day school break. Kids have finished term exams, and everyone is looking forward to a break from the rigour of academics. A few years ago, this was an opportunity to play and join holiday camps to learn more about culture. Today, there are still many ways for kids to learn online and immerse themselves in tradition – with a modern twist.

Here are some fun things for children to explore over Dussehra break:

  1. Bhajans – Bhajans are devotional songs are an all-time favourite with parents and children. During Dussehra, they overwhelmingly prefer bhajans on Rama and Devi.
  2. Storytelling – Storytelling is a very popular art form that has gained importance in recent times.  There are many stories relevant to Dussehra that can appeal to children of all ages. Whether they’re listening to stories, or telling them, this is a fun experience for many children. 
  3. Art – Kids can explore art in many ways, from starting to learn traditional forms like Tanjore painting, to exploring traditional themes using more modern forms like watercolours or charcoal sketches.
  4. Music and Dance – Music and Dance go well together, and some courses offer a chance for children to learn how to sing and dance to the same song.
  5. Music Production – Music Production involves the arrangement of a song, usually using a DAW or digital audio workstation.  Learn how to produce a traditional composition like a bhajan or find a contemporary arrangement for a traditional song.  

Kids can build these skills individually, or stack them together as a camp for a more complete cultural experience. Whatever the case may be, Dussehra is a great opportunity to learn something new. 

The authors are Bindu and Ambi Subramaniam – Co-Founders, SaPa. Click here to take their self-paced courses on songwriting, Carnatic violin, Western Music Theory, and more.

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