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Sometimes when people want to learn music, they don’t really have an idea of what they want to learn specifically – singing, a melodic instrument, percussion? While making the decision, it’s important to keep in mind what you like.  Do you like the idea of singing? Or has it always been your dream to play the tabla? Or the violin.  Music in general has many cognitive and social emotional skills, but choosing the right style of music and the right musical can seem like a task.

Often percussion doesn’t get the same level of prominence as melodic instruments or vocal training, and people don’t know whether they should try learning instruments like the tabla, mridangam or drums.  Sometimes percussion seems complex, and like it takes a lot of effort.  While that may be true, there are also many reasons why playing a rhythmic instrument could be a good idea. Here are some:

Why you should start playing percussion instruments

  1. Playing a percussion instrument often builds good motor skills and coordination, because you are playing different things with different hands.  If you are playing the tabla or mridangam, both hands may be playing on different beats.  If you are playing the drums, you’re using both hands and your feet too.
  2. It’s good exercise – Some estimates show that an hour of drumming can burn 500 calories!
  3. Playing a percussion instrument not only helps with rhythmic skills, but it helps with maths too.  Intervals, fractions, frequencies, all of these are things you learn while playing a percussion instrument.
  4. Learn to be a team player – Percussionists usually work as part of an ensemble or band, and that helps build communication skills, and the ability to work together.
  5. It can reduce your stress levels and boost your mood – If you’re an adult looking for a hobby that can help you focus on something other than work, and bring you joy, learning a percussion instrument could be it!

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