3 ways how music and dance make Indian festivals more fun than ever

With Navaratri and Diwali just around the corner, we are gearing up for the most fun time of year. Here at SaPa, we believe strongly in the power of music and dance on every day, but here’s why they make the festive season that much more special:

1 – They build community:

Whether it’s bhajans with family or dhandiya night with friends, they create a sense of community and belonging. These activities are fun for all ages, and form strong bonds while creating new ones.

2 – Music and dance create traditions:

When children are introduced to festive music and dances, they start associating them with the festive season. In the future, these events turn into traditions that they can keep passing down through the generations.

3 – They form a lifetime of happy memories:

Music and dance is fun for all ages, but there’s something so special about these events in children’s formative years. If you want to give your child a set of fun memories that they will carry well into adulthood, there’s nothing better than the arts.

This year, SaPa is launching a special holiday camp for kids between 6 and 14 years old. Classes will be held both online and offline at SaPa Sanjaynagar, and in a series of 7 classes, teach children bhajans and shlokas from around India, while introducing them to different musical and dance forms. Special bonus: You get to perform at the student showcase on October 24th – at our Sanjaynagar centre!

Courses offered:

  • Bhajans & Shlokas
  • Flavours of Indian Music
  • Expressions of Indian Dance

Click here to get started. And here’s to a fun Navaratri break ahead!

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