Songwriting is a powerful community-building tool. Here’s how you can use it.

When working virtually, two things matter most: the team’s mental health and creating asense of community. These are critical components on their own, and have an addedbenefit of ensuring productivity. If you’re a team leader, or an entrepreneur, or are even looking to take initiative and make adifference to the environment you’re working in, consider […]

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How to grow on Spotify: Expert tips

Whether you’re a singer, instrumentalist, composer, producer, songwriter, or distributor and music marketer, Spotify is at the heart of what you do. We recently held a masterclass (open to all established and aspiring musicians) – delivered by a leader from Spotify India. Here were some of his takeaways on how you can start growing through […]

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5 reasons why you should learn percussion

Sometimes when people want to learn music, they don’t really have an idea of what they want to learn specifically – singing, a melodic instrument, percussion? While making the decision, it’s important to keep in mind what you like.  Do you like the idea of singing? Or has it always been your dream to play the […]

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