All you wanted to know about the history and background of the violin
woman playing violin

The violin is an instrument that is close to the heart of many music lovers. Perhaps it is because it is so emotive, helping you express just how you feel – sad, nervous, anxious, hopeful, happy, exuberant, you name it and the violin can probably sound it out for you. But, from when has this […]

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10 amazing facts about the violin that you didn’t know before

The violin can produce some of the most beautiful sounds you would have ever heard – taking us into an alternate universe of utter bliss! But did you know that the violin has been around for about 5oo years? In fact, the modern violin is said to have been made by Italian maker, Andrea Amati, […]

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Meet the founder – Dr. Bindu Subramaniam
Bindu subramaniam

Dr. Bindu Subramaniam, Dean of SaPa Music Academy, wears many hats in musical and non-musical circles – a singer-songwriter, author, entrepreneur, mom, and educator. She has a master’s degree in law from London University, a master’s certificate in songwriting and music business from Berklee College of Music, a Montessori diploma, an MPhil, and a PhD […]

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Hindustani or Carnatic Music? Which music style should my child learn
SaPa Session

“My child has decided to learn vocals/instrumentals. But we are confused about whether to choose Hindustani or Carnatic classical Music.” Many parents have this dilemma. Are you one of them? If this is something you have been mulling about, let’s explore these two beautiful musical styles/systems.  A ‘note’ on music Music is about silence and sound. […]

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