How We Can Use Music For Mindfulness

AI is changing the face of mindfulness as we know it, and this especially grew in the pandemic, where people were forced to stay indoors while practising self-care and putting their emotional and mental well-being first. Across the world, there are apps dedicated to balancing screen time, finding professional help, getting enough sleep, managing anxiety, and more.

We are passionate advocates for using music as a tool to improve mental health. Here are some of our suggestions:

1 – Learning music is a great way to dispel the blues: Learning a percussion instrument like the drums has been shown to help in managing stress. Additionally, learning to sing or play any musical instrument is a great way to unwind and enjoy the power of learning something new.

2 – Instead of having the TV on in the background while doing chores, consider your favourite song: We are all guilty of having a TV show on in the background (that we pay no attention to) while folding our clothes or doing any household chores. More often than not, we don’t fully give our attention to the task at hand or the entertainment. Next time, try playing your favourite song instead. See if it makes you feel a little more recharged.

3 – Explore meditation and spiritual playlists on audio streaming platforms: Music, mindfulness and meditation have been the top three ways for everyone to cope with constant uncertainty. Before you begin your day, take half an hour to centre yourself with a meditative playlist on any audio streaming platform. When your mind unwinds, it is capable of unbelievable productivity throughout the rest of the day.

Multiple studies have proven that music has the power to engage several parts of the brain. MRI and PET scans have shown that the brain processes rhythm and melody, as well as meaning and emotion. Music engages both sides of the brain in a unique way, and the response to music lights up our brain’s reward centre.

We all love music. But when we process music in a more mindful way, it has an impact on our overall levels of stress, productivity, and motivation.

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