The Benefits of Listening to and Learning Carnatic Music

the benefits of listening to an learning carnatic music

If you haven’t attended a Carnatic concert, either online or in-person, you should probably put it on your list of things to do over the summer. While it is a wonderful and fun experience in and of itself, there are also many recorded benefits of spending time around Carnatic music, whether you are enjoying it as a listener or exploring it more deeply as a learner.

Here are a few:

1 It contributes to keeping the mind young and active: Carnatic music has a rich history, and has improvisations, patterns for playing and singing, techniques, and more. These are all great ways to exercise the brain. It helps listeners and learners think on their feet, adapt to changes on the go, and more. Carnatic music is an immersive experience for everyone involved.

2. It improves your ability to recall and retain information: Studies have shown that learning Carnatic music, at any age or level, helps boost memory. Whether you are a student trying to perform better in examinations, or trying to keep the brain young and active overall, consider spending more time with Indian classical music.

3. It makes you work more efficiently: Overall, it has been shown that music in the background can drown out background noise and help you concentrate better on the task at hand. It has been shown that Indian classical music (instrumental music, specifically) helps improve efficiency and focus.

4. It helps manage your mental health and emotional well-being: Indian classical music is meditative in nature. Studies have shown it to be helpful in managing insomnia, and providing relief from anxiety, depression, and overall high stress levels. Whether you’re listening to Carnatic music or performing it, you are on the right path to developing your mental well-being.

While research on the benefits of Carnatic music is a long and ongoing process, it is safe to conclude that it comes with a host of benefits: improving discipline, contributing to mental health benefits, and much more. As a listener or a learner, the Indian classical music path is the one to consider right away.

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