Expert inputs on composing music
church organ

In the last year, there has been a huge upsurge in adults seeking hobbies that promote mindfulness or joy.  The time saved from not traveling coupled with the potential end of the world has led us to realise that we deserve to be happy, not just productive (although being happy makes us more productive too!). […]

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5 ways in which the pandemic shaped music trends

Like in every other sphere of life, the pandemic has taken music online, and everything looks different as a result. New trends have emerged, as have disruptions and opportunities. Here are some highlights: 1. The evolution of the live performance Two years ago, the idea of a live concert over zoom would’ve been sacrilege.  At […]

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Music as a teaching tool – expert tips for educators
learning music

For schools and educators to prepare students for the workplace of the future, it’s important to prioritise music. Learning music is not just an “extra” to abandon in favour of math or science. It goes hand-in-hand with students’ efforts to grow and succeed in the future, and music can be a powerful teaching tool.  Studies […]

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