Yoga and pranayamas to improve your singing voice

Breathing is the basis of life – and of singing. Every singer knows the importance of breath and breathing at the correct intervals while singing. This is precisely why yoga and pranayamas (breathing exercises), in particular, are effective warm-up routines for singers, especially Carnatic music vocalists, and can help improve their singing voice.  Yoga and […]

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4 benefits of singing in new languages

People often ask us what language young children should sing in when they start learning music. And we always tell them this: as many as possible. When children start identifying new languages early on, it has many benefits. Even traditionally, single styles of music have often been multi-lingual for example Carnatic music is in Telugu, Sanskrit, […]

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9 Useful tips to improve your singing voice

What does it take to be a ‘good’ singer? Can anyone sing or do you need to have a gifted voice? Can you train your voice to sound good? Here is some good news for aspiring singers! Research says that singing is an acquired skill rather than an inborn talent. So, there is a very […]

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