Diwali, the festival of lights is here! It’s an exciting time of the year also because Diwali is synonymous with gifting! And we all love gifts, right? But why do we gift during this time of the year?

Why gift during Diwali?

Diwali is celebrated around India as the day that Shri Rama returned to his kingdom, Ayodhya, after he vanquished the demon king, Ravana. It is said that the whole kingdom lit lamps to welcome Shri Rama. It is to commemorate this joyous occasion that Diwali is celebrated. Naturally, when people are happy and in a festive mood, they wish to share it and one of the forms of expression is a gift. Thus began the age-old tradition of gifting during Diwali. 

So, you will find corporates gifting their employees, housewives gifting their house helps, the general public sharing their homemade delicacies, and families exchanging gifts of clothes, perfumes, jewellery, and so on.

Whom to gift this Diwali?

Normally, every year, we give our family and friends something that awakens the sense of festivity within them.

You must have noticed the usually circulated tokens – chocolates, sweets, nuts and dry fruits, crackers, colourful and scented diyas (lamps), and clothes among many other delightful treats

Who doesn’t love the kaju katlis, boondi laddoos, and assorted and exotic nuts in those shiny boxes with golden laces?! But we thought it is time for us to pick a new direction for gifting this year – gifting yourself!

Gifting idea for yourself

Does it sound weird to gift yourself something for Diwali? Perhaps you are wondering what gifts to buy yourself when you have everything and really need nothing? What if you got some life-improving gifts (as opposed to lifestyle-improving) for yourself? Does it seem worth considering now?

How to decide on the perfect gift for yourself

What qualities should your gift have? It should be something that 

  • makes you happy 
  • is unique
  • is memorable
  • fits your budget
  • stays with you forever

Take a look at these gifting ideas and see if the best treat for yourself lies somewhere here.

List of 5 gifts you can give yourself

  1. Books
  2. Electronic devices – mobile, tablet, air pods, and so on
  3. Designer wear & footwear
  4. Gourmet chocolates & assorted sweets
  5. Home decor items – fancy lampshades, ornate cushion covers, paintings, and so on

All these sound lovely but most of us have been privileged enough to have enjoyed all these luxuries at some point of time in our lives. So, if you feel set in terms of products in life, how about we turn our thoughts towards experiences? 

If you are looking for something more thoughtful and unique to give yourself this Diwali, here are five one-of-a-kind gifting ideas.

5 Unique Diwali gifting ideas for yourself

1. Gift of togetherness 

How does a warm, home-cooked meal with your family and friends sound? It has been a long time, hasn’t it? With the world inching towards opening up, the festive season might be the right time for you to invite your near and dear ones over for an intimate, homemade meal. This is what we have all been craving for. 

Plan some savoury dishes from your childhood, use organic products to get the authentic taste of your region. Decorate your house with colourful rangoli, light it up with diyas (lamps), serve your festival food dressed in ethnic wear, watch a regional movie, as you spend a warm, cosy day together with your loved ones – and re-live a page out of the glorious pre-Covid days. 

If you are a celebrated chef in your circles, go all out and plan a party yourself, otherwise, you could also organise a potluck with each one of your guests bringing in a special delicacy from their region. This will add colour and variety to your menu … and experience. 

2. Gift of rejuvenation

You need it, we know. Go for it!

  • Plan a holiday – solo or with family
  • Spend a night out with your friends 
  • Treat yourself to an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant 
  • Treat yourself to a spa  – Feel rejuvenated and energised. 
  1. Exercise every muscle of your body as every cell of your body feels alive with a massage, 
  2. soak in the glorious aromas through aromatherapy
  3. enjoy a full body treatment and
  4. just sink into the relaxing ambience without a care in the world. 

This is all about YOU!  

3. Gift of human spirit 

Spend a day in an orphanage or an old age home. Read books, converse, and play board games together. You could eat your Diwali meal with them, give them warm clothes, and listen to their stories. The smiles you will elicit will give you a warm glow that you will cherish and remember forever. So, gift yourself this experience and feel tons better!

4. Gift of creativity 

If you’re gifting yourself an experience, how would you like to sink into some art and craft to make your home look festive and celebratory? You could get a DIY kit and make scented candles, idols of Lord Ganesha, or home decors – like paper lotuses or lanterns, crepe paper wall hangings, door hangings, and so on. 

You could also go green this Diwali. Plant some seeds in a potted plant, and begin a nursery in your house. Spending time with plants will enhance your liveliness, energy, and health.

Do these ideas excite you? They can really make for a memorable experience, can’t they? But, we have something even better –  that will enrich your life and stay with you your whole life If this excites you, Gift#5 is what you are looking for! 

5. Gift of harmony 

Think celebrations and music is at the heart of it. Have you always wanted to spare some time to learn music but never got around to it? Did you learn as a child but didn’t get to further it because of other commitments? All you music aficionados out there, this Diwali, do something that will stay with you for a lifetime – join a music class. 

  • Get industry experts to teach you the basics, tips, tricks, and insider secrets. 
  • Choose the time and place. 
  • Complete it in 3 or 30 days as per your convenience. 
  • Learn at any age!

Also, explore how you can gift music to your loved ones this Diwali.

Hope you have a happy and safe Diwali filled with the best gifts life has to offer – energy, melody, and harmony. Splurge on yourself, ring in some music into your life, and may all positivity and goodness flow into your life!

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