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As we gear up for one of the most anticipated times of year in India, we find ourselves asking the age-old question: what should we gift our families? The idea behind Diwali gifting started as an opportunity to give our loved ones something they’d treasure. With the pressure to be as over-the-top as possible, it is now an exercise in the art of regifting and passing the snack boxes we got onto others.  

Last Diwali, the idea of spending the holidays with our loved ones turned on its head. We turned to virtual celebrations and giving meaningful gifts. This year, we may continue to live in uncertainty, but we’re still putting thought into what we give the people we love. 

This year, try giving yourself and your family the gift of music. It’s something you can all treasure for a lifetime, and you can personalise it to suit a large number of people without putting in too much time or effort. Here are three ways we recommend that you share music with others this Diwali: 

1 – Festive playlists

Everyone has a unique definition of what holiday music means to them, more so during Diwali. For some, this is a time of spirituality and reflection. For some, it’s about cards and letting loose for a few days. And for others, it’s simply time spent with family after months of staying apart. And there is an ocean of music to reflect all these moods. 

Curate a playlist with the songs that resonate with you, and share it with others. You can add a story about what went on behind the scenes, and why this playlist made you think of them. It’s personal, thoughtful and only takes minutes to put together. 

2 – Music lessons

With the festival season and the end of the year coming up, many adults either reconnect with old passions or start new ones. If you know someone who used to strum the guitar when they were in college and abandoned it after they started working, now is a good time to remind them to reconnect with music. If there’s someone who thinks it’s too late to start learning to sing their favourite pop songs, you can tell them there’s no such thing. Share a voucher for music lessons, and your gift might just ignite an old spark.   

3 – Virtual hang-outs with great musicians

Since the pandemic hit, self-paced courses on every topic imaginable took the limelight in a big way. Some help you build new skills, some masterclasses are an opportunity to go behind the scenes and hear anecdotes from the careers of some of the greatest artists in their field. When you gift a self-paced course, you give two things. First, a chance to learn from the very best in the industry. Second, an intimate virtual hangout session where you get access to stories that are not already floating around the internet. 

Here’s wishing you all a fun holiday season. Our tip when giving out thoughtful gifts: don’t forget to treat yourself, too! You’ve earned it. 

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