Eager teenagers, no less enthusiastic than Swedish teen environmentalist, Greta Thunberg, in their passion to ‘clean up’ India’s education system. A workshop that explores how Maths and Science are deeply embedded in music and musical instruments. Another workshop where children exercise their arms and limbs and express themselves through different dance forms! What do these events have in common? They are all fun, exciting, and filled with learning – in other words synonymous with SaPa! After all, SaPa is always present when there is some melody and fun in the air!

Explore some of the activities that SaPa has been up to in December 2022:

1. Student Showcase

Christel House Kannuru hosted a musical evening that was sponsored by United Nations’ agencies, UNICEF and UNESCO, along with World’s Largest Lessons and NetApp. SaPa, on its part, was well represented by siblings Soumyasri and Sakethram Phani Vedala who displayed their skills with vocals and the mridangam respectively along with other eighth to tenth grade students from five schools.

What made this evening even more special was that, along with music, these young hopes for tomorrow, had some thoughtful, thought-provoking, and perceptive questions as well as practical ideas about the Indian education system that they voiced articulately. Such a welcome relief from the proverbial self-absorbed and indifferent teenager! 

Look at some of the questions that deserve some serious answers: Why are there so many school dropouts? How can we improve student literacy rates? What measures should we take to tackle gender inequalities? Why is the suicide rate so high?  Such a breath of fresh air to see youth in tune with current affairs and the world around them. They were also well aware of the job market & the potential for growth that STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education provides. Students suggested that schools build more computer labs to promote coding and other digital skills. An evening for both music aficionados and academicians to take ‘note’ of!

2. Music Meets Science Workshop

How many of us know that there are mathematical concepts embedded in songs? Do you know that the shape of musical instruments affect the sound they make? Can you use music to forward your scientific thinking and analysis? Have you explored pitch with boom whackers? These were some of the intriguing and interesting questions that students and teachers of SaPa in Schools’ partner schools got to explore with the Music Meets Science workshop. How intertwined are music and science! All the attendees agreed that music is truly a relevant subject to understand the world around us.

With a gregarious panel of educators and super teachers from SaPa, Gayathri Prakash, Abhishek N S, Srikar Athreya, and Ankita Pai, this workshop promised and delivered high-quality and insightful content in a fun and interactive setting. Just look at how enthusiastic these young, primary school students are – the musicians and scientists of tomorrow!

3. Music Meets Dance Workshop

It was one of our favourite fairy tale writers Hans Christian Andersen who said, “Where words fail, music speaks.’ Dance perfectly epitomises this. SaPa’s bharatanatyam teacher, Ms Babina Taorem, a fourth generation Manipuri and bharatnatyam artiste in her family held a Music Meets Dance Workshop in SaPa in Schools’ partner schools. This workshop introduces different types of dances to children, exercising their limbs and testing their flexibility through fun activities. They also get a sneak peek into bharatanatyam and learn a dance number. Watch how everyone is on their feet – even those who claim to have two left feet!

Would you like SaPa to partner with your school and enjoy these super fun workshops? Book an appointment with SaPa’s expert to begin a fruitful collaboration! 

If you would like to know more about SaPa’s activities so you could also feature in them, explore The Month That Was – December 2022!

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