This World Music Day, here’s a note from us

learning music
learning music

Today and every day, we at SaPa celebrate the power of music and what it can do for us. Whether you’re listening, performing, or learning, there is so much to gain. And today, we would like to talk about why you will benefit from learning music at any age.

1 – For children, music can help hit developmental milestones

In young children, music can be used to build coordination and fine motor skills, and teach them skills like teamwork and perseverance. In babies and toddlers, it also promotes parent-child bonding in a powerful way. While learning vocal music and singing in multiple languages can help children build language skills, instrumental music can teach hand-eye coordination, boost IQ, and improve confidence.

2 – For pre-teens and teens, it can be a powerful tool of self-expression

At every age, music is a powerful way to express yourself. We also believe that pre-teens and teens can find effective ways to communicate their feelings through lyric writing. At SaPa, we have self-paced songwriting courses that encourage learners to participate in daily writing exercises. This is a great way to connect with yourself regularly, and has shown great results.

3 – For adults, it is a great way to connect to what you love

First off, it is never too late to start learning music at any age. Whether you want to explore the idea of performing on stage on the weekends, or just learn to sing or play an instrument for yourself, music is a great way to strike a work-life balance. If you are reconnecting with it after a long time, it can be an extremely fulfilling way to pursue what you enjoy. And if you are a regular learner, music is a great way to connect with your cultural roots, teach yourself to be patient, and fall in love with the learning process.

And there you have it, a list of reasons to start your musical journey – no matter how old you are or how much experience you have. If you are looking for live classes, or online self-paced courses, SaPa has you covered. Get in touch with us and get started today!

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