An exciting, FUN-filled summer camp of MUSIC & CULTURE for your kids!

If anyone has waited for summer more than the migratory birds, it must be your school-going kids! Naturally, after the gruelling exam season, they are entitled to that annual, well-deserved break. As a parent, however, you might be in two minds about whether the summers bring on the thrills or the chills!

While you don’t really want to deny them glorious days filled with ‘nothingness’ in the company of their friends, you do also wonder if their time should be usefully employed with summer courses. After all, this is the only time of year when children have time to focus on building some skills that are not academic. Skills that can add charm and harmony to their lives. How can you strike that delicate balance to avoid conflict at home? Welcome to the world of SaPa’s summer music courses! A place where you can seamlessly introduce and encourage your child’s innate, and perhaps hitherto unknown, musical skills.

Why music?

Music helps promote self-expression. Children who are shy learn to communicate, and those who are restless learn to channelise their energy; it is a creative outlet, and helps children connect with all age groups. Read more on why your child should learn music

SaPa’s Summer Courses

This year, SaPa has some exciting summer classes on offer:

Music helps promote self-expression. Children who are shy learn to communicate, and those who are restless learn to channelise their energy; it is a creative outlet, and helps children connect with all age groups. Read more on why your child should learn music

1. Bhajans for kids

2. Journey Through India (Indian Music & Movement)

3. Western Vocals – Songs from Animated Movies 

4. Pop Music & Performance

5. Ukulele for Beginners

Tell me more about the summer classes

  • The summer classes start on April 11, 2022
  • Classes are short and sweet – 12 sessions of 45 minutes each between Monday and Saturday
  • Enjoy individual attention with small batch sizes of 15
  • Choose a time that suits you with two available time slots
  • Feel safe as your child learns with online classes

These classes enable children to build skills, practise and perfect them, while still having time to enjoy their summer vacations.

Why join SaPa’s summer classes?

1. Understanding difference leads to DEFERENCE

The world is becoming smaller. Children are growing up in a multicultural world – it is a powerful legacy that they have inherited, a privilege, really, to live in such a diverse society. The scope for learning is immense. But so are the differences. Understanding and respecting different cultures and customs requires a level of awareness.

The encouraging quality about kids is that they assimilate differences without inhibition or a second thought. That is why it is important to expose them to customs, practices, languages, songs, and music from other cultures from different parts of the country as early as possible. That is what SaPa’s summer classes will do for your children – expose them to a slice of heritage and culture. Learning what other people from neighbouring and far-flung states follow increases familiarity, tolerance, and a healthy respect for diversity. All this through song and music to make the learning fun as well as educational!

Online Bhajans for Kids 6-8 and 9-14 and Journey Through India summer classes both take children on a memorable journey to the harmonious and rich world of Indian culture. Ensure your child(ren) does not miss out on these classes.

2. When children BELONG, they become strong

Children become comfortable in their surroundings when they can understand what their place is. They need to know where they belong. SaPa’s summer classes will help your children know where they come from, what their ancestors followed, and, most importantly, for the scientific age we live in, why. When they understand some of the traditions and feel a part of it, it reduces their rebellious tendencies and they approach culture with a more accepting attitude. It gives them strong roots and this engenders a sense of belonging. 

3. Music inspires CREATIVITY 

Children have high energy levels (understatement of the year?!). When their ideas and thoughts encounter the limited spaces of home, school, and society, they tend to get into conflicts – with parents, teachers, and friends. What they need is open-mindedness and a broader vision. SaPa’s summer courses can help open their minds to new possibilities and thought processes. With music, they will find a world of creativity to occupy them that will broaden their mental horizon and help them discover a special space that is theirs.  

4. Children find a constant COMPANION

Music has the power to not only increase mental faculties and memory power but also enhance a sense of harmony and thoughtfulness in children. Children connect with new people, learn to explore rhythms, find their inner voice, and feel inspired – all great recipes for happiness. Music is that lifelong companion that will serve them well in the company as well as in solitude. 

Online Pop Music & Performance and Western Vocals – Songs from Animated Movies summer classes both offer children a chance to learn to sing songs in groups as well as solo.

5. Explore skills

The hectic academic school schedule leaves little time to pursue extracurricular activities. Most activities that children participate in are thrust upon them and become chores. What is required is a small window into a world that can help them express, emote, and discover who they are. 

SaPa’s summer music classes can help children explore such a world. They can find out what they are good at musically. For instance, through online ukulele classes, would they like to learn the instrument beyond the basics? Western vocals can help them understand if pursuing vocal music appeals to them as a hobby? Would they like to master any musical skills professionally? The opportunities and openings are enormous. SaPa is just the right springboard to explore and pursue a musical skill with dedication. 

Find out what the right age for starting music classes is. 

6. Make best use of TIME 

SaPa’s summer courses are planned in such a way that your child has enough time to practise what they learn in class so they progress seamlessly. With short 45-minute sessions, SaPa’s educators ensure that classes light a spark of interest in children that they are free to explore beyond the class. At the same time they also have time to keep their dates with their friends be it pool parties or skateboard and cycling sessions or simply hanging out with the gang.

Make the RIGHT choice…

Unorganised play + Freedom = Happy Child


Skilled kids + Productive utilisation of time = Happy Parent

How about you choose ‘AND’ rather than ‘OR’…?

Freedom + Unorganised play + Skilled kids = HAPPY Parent & Child

Cost of music summer classes

With so much to offer, these summer courses must be expensive right? Not at SaPa – the DESTINATION for MUSIC! Check out more details of our summer classes. Our goal is to ensure that the benefits of music touch every person’s life – and as early as possible. Make sure your child is one of them!

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