3 daily habits that will benefit you as a musician 

Building Confidence through Music

How do you stay on top of what’s happening? Will a YouTube channel benefit your career? Why is it important to practise at the same time every day? Whether you are a seasoned musician or just starting out in your career, the little things make a big difference. Here are three little habits you can build, that will allow you to grow (in your music and otherwise)!

1 – Keep learning

 No matter how old you are, the world will never stop teaching you new and exciting things. Whether you’re seeking useful tips on improving your singing voice, or reading up on the science and art of music therapy, there is so much to explore in the world of music. Always keep your eyes and ears open; you never know what paths will open themselves up to you.

 2 – Practise at the same time every day

Set aside a dedicated time to practise, and ensure that you show up. Eventually, your mind will train itself to be ready to start practising. Our co-founder, Ambi Subramaniam, says:

I think it is very important for you to practise even when you don’t feel like playing. Those days are inevitable and I think it is important to always work on technique every day so sometimes if I don’t have enough time – if I was playing less, I was always told to reduce time on playing the pieces but not on the time of skill building technique, exercises, skills – those kinds of things.

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3 – Build parallel skills

If you are a singer, branch into songwriting or music production, or try learning an instrument. Learn the basics of audio and video editing, and build your social media presence. Your digital presence is a crucial part of your career, and these are some of the skills that will make you a well-rounded musician. 

Our co-founder, Bindu Subramaniam, says:

You should always be challenging yourself and upskilling and learning. Ambi has been teaching himself video editing, I’ve been trying to teach myself production on digital audio workstations. There’s always something to learn. The game is constantly changing and you have to keep sharpening your mind and your skill sets. You’re never done. My dad, at this age, is learning software and he’s creating symphony orchestra scores on his computer. This is a man who doesn’t check text messages and yet he is able to write a score for a 70-member orchestra note by note. So, you are not done. My mom is sitting on her iPad and learning different songs everyday. We’re never done.”

Finally, remember that the most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing. Keep putting in the hours, and just have fun with your art!

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