Why you should learn the drums (at any age)

We’ve said this multiple times but we can’t stress this enough: starting your musical journey at
any age is a great idea. Whether you want to reconnect with singing, or a musical instrument,
there are many benefits of introducing music to your day.

We recently marked World Percussion Day. In the spirit of the celebrations, here are some of
our top four reasons why you should consider learning to play the drums:

1 – It is a stress reliever

Even playing for a few minutes helps you release stress and puts you in a better mood. Some
studies have shown that your brain releases feel-good endorphins after playing. This is because
of the physical stimulation of playing the drums and the sound vibrations that resonate through
you as a result. It is a fun, cathartic experience and has been shown to have a positive effect on
anxiety and grief.

2 – It is a powerful tool of self-expression

Every instrument is its own exercise in creativity and getting in touch with your emotions. The
drums are a unique way to help you understand your emotions better.

3 – Playing the drums is tied to math

There is math involved in drumming. There are numbers and intervals that you need to
understand better if you want to get better at keeping rhythm. This is a fun way to exercise the
“math” part of your brain.

Tilt Shift Photo of Acoustic Drum Set

4 – It builds motor skills

Playing the drums means coordinating between your brain, your hands, and the rest of your
body movements as well. Drumming helps build dexterity, ability to react and respond faster,
and the ability to listen better.

Bonus: It is a great workout!

One recent study found that a drummer needs to put in as much physical work at a rock concert
as an athlete in a competitive sport. Drumming can burn an average of 270 calories in just 30
minutes. Even if you’re not trying to burn calories, playing the drums is a fun way to move and
break a sweat, and a fun workout.

Any form of percussion is a fun and interesting way to exercise the “numbers” part of your brain,
while also engaging your whole body and overall relieving anxiety. If you’re leaning towards
exploring a percussion instrument, today is a great day to begin.

(By SaPa Co-Founders Bindu & Ambi Subramaniam. If you would like to sign up for our self-paced course on drumming by Grammy award-winning drummer Russ Miller, click here. For more tips on your musical journey, check out the SaPa blog.)

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