Why is Vijayadashami the best time to start music classes?

vijayadashami with music

Are you looking for the right time to start music classes? Look no further! This is the ideal time to mull this question. Vijayadashami is just around the corner and it is said that what you start on this auspicious day, you will excel in forever! So, this is the best time to start music classes!

 “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato, philosopher

But, what is special about Vijayadashami? Let’s learn a little about this day, the mythologies associated with it, and why it is a good omen to start music classes on this day.

What is Vijayadashami?

In the South of India, after the festival of Navratri (nine nights) concludes with the Saraswathi Puja (on the 9th day), the 10th day is called Vijayadashami. Vijayadashami means victory on the 10th day. In 2021, Vijayadashami falls on October 15. 

In the true Indian tradition of diversity, there are several different stories about this day because of which it got its name.

Mythological significance of Vijayadashami

  1. Durga Devi is believed to have annihilated the terrorising demon, Mahishasura, on this day.

2. This day is also called Dussehra in the North, which is celebrated as the day that Lord Rama killed Ravana as per the Ramayana. 

3. It is also believed, as per the Mahabharata, that when the Pandavas were in exile in the kingdom of Matsya, the Kaurava army attacked it and Arjuna single-handedly defeated them all on this day. 

What is common in all these legends is that it represents a victory of good over evil. A journey from darkness to light – ignorance to knowledge. So, it is a day people celebrate by initiating education and learning new skills – in academics, sports, arts, music, and so on.

What do people do on Vijayadashami?

It is the day that people start new things

  • Begin education – academic & extracurricular
  • Make a new investment – land, stocks, gold & so on 
  • Learn a new skill – music, dance, instrumentals 

Why start learning music on Vijayadashami?

On Saraswathi Puja, the ninth day of Navratri, South Indians keep laptops, books, pens, musical instruments, and other symbols of their profession in front of an idol of Goddess Saraswathi seeking her blessings. They do not touch these books, instruments, and other tools on this day as these are kept for worship. However, the day after, on Vijayadashami, people study these books and practise instruments in the belief that what you begin on this auspicious day, you will continue pursuing excellence all year round. 

Since this day is an auspicious one, when good triumphed over evil, many people believe that it is the propitious time to start learning new skills on Vijayadashami, music being foremost among them. As Goddess Saraswathi herself is seen holding a veena. 

Music is an art that can help develop your grey cells, dispel differences, and foster bonding with people and your environment. It can make you feel energetic and happy as well as spur inspiration and innovation. Read more on the benefits of learning music here.

Benefits of starting music classes on Vijayadashami

  1. Rituals help people approach music lessons with discipline

This time-honored tradition of beginning classes on this day helps bring an element of seriousness and commitment into practice. As you begin to learn at this sacred time, you experience a unique resolve to take your pursuit towards excellence. Don’t miss out on the chance of making music one of those skills you carry with you all your life.

  1. Right time to enhance knowledge of culture

Indian classical music – Carnatic and Hindustani are closely associated with Indian history, culture, and traditions. Music can be the vital link that goes beyond the different ages, generations, and genders, and connects people to their roots. Children, in particular, feel a sense of bonding with Indian heritage when they learn music. What better time than during one of the most festive periods of the year?

  1. Music and festivities go hand in hand

Vijayadashami follows Navratri, which is filled with festivities and celebrations. Song and dance are an integral part of this season. It is the most natural progression to learn music in some form at this time. While children as young as 2 are initiated into music on this day, it is also a great time for adults to revisit their passion for musical instruments or test their vocal cords, not to mention start afresh with rhythm and melody in their lives. 

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