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What does Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam ji’s music practice routine look like? The first step, she reminds us, is to keep yourself relaxed. 

Next, be aware that you should sing from the stomach and not the throat. When you sing from the throat for too long, you may strain your voice and catch infections. 

When you’re singing, expel the air from your stomach. It will help you practice for a longer time and be less tired. 

How do you breathe while singing? 

It is difficult to take a breath in through the nose while singing. It will take away from the emotion of the song, and be picked up easily by a mic. While you sing, breathe through your mouth and it won’t be noticed during the song. 

You can learn more about managing your breath during your practice and performance sessions from Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam ji herself.

How do you bring out the emotion of the song? 

One important vocal skill that singers should build is meend, or slide notes. When your meend is strong, you have total control over your notes and can slide between notes beautifully and without leaving any sharp edges. 

To learn more, watch the full video about the Vocal Exercises for Singers
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