5 Fun online summer camps 2022 for children and teens

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The summer of 2022 is finally starting to wear that familiar warm, youthful, and bright look and parents are back on the hunt for good summer camps for kids. After all, children can spend some part of their time in useful and fun skill-building activities amidst all the fun and freedom. 

Why online classes?

Still online? Yes, it’s because while some parents have started sending children outside with adequate precautions, many are not sure about wading into untested waters just yet. After all, the tweens, toddlers, and infants are not vaccinated.  

Also, some may have gone on vacation or to their native place this year. While it is definitely a long-awaited and welcome break, you might have noticed that your child is doing the same thing he/she did all of the last 2 years: surfing (the internet!) all day. After all, what will they do, especially in that agni nakshatram period, when the sun is at its fiercest and you cannot really ask your child to venture out? 

Fortunately, there are still some online summer camps for kids. So, you neither have to go out of your home nor cut short your vacation to attend them. What is more, these courses have just as much value online as they did offline. A win-win situation!

5 Summer camps 2022:

1. Theatre – Speak, perform, Become…YOURSELF!  

Age group: Grade 1-12

Where: Theatre Dots School for Speech & Communication

Contact: Pooja Singh – 91-9353229430

“The thought process can never be complete without articulation.”

– Stephen King, writer

In the pure and free-thinking recesses of a child’s mind lies the cradle of fresh and innovative ideas. But unfortunately, many kids lack the ability to express themselves coherently. Without articulation, ideas get lost. If you would like your child to learn to read and write creatively, articulate well, and give well-researched and meaningful speeches, this is the class for you. 

You’ll be surprised with the change in your shy, introverted child. And the clarity of speech in your extroverted child. So, give your kids the chance to discover their voice and speak confidently. 

At Theatre Dots School for Speech & Communication, there are online summer classes for Young Explorers (Grades 1-3), Dreamers (Grades 4-5), Story Tellers (Grades 6-8), and Orators (Grades 9-12). This summer camp 2022 covers aspects such as breath control, volume, pitch, creative thinking, and many more aspects that will enable your child to deliver a speech on stage in front of an audience with theatre as the medium.

2. Music, activities & introduction to Indian culture

Age group: 6-14 years

Where: SaPa Learning Pvt Ltd.

Contact: +91 80 4749 7888 

URL: https://www.sapaindia.com/music-summer-camp/ 

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education.”

– Plato, philosopher

If you would like to listen to your child’s thoughts, have him/her join music classes. Children can explore their deepest feelings (the ones they don’t know how to express with words) through music. It is a mode of self-expression that makes them feel free, confident, empowered, and happy. It is a well-known fact that music has a positive effect on children. And contributes towards their overall development, 

There is nothing as relaxing or as exhilarating, as soulful or as uplifting. Music brings a child’s innate creativity to the fore and calms his/her restless energy. Through music, children learn about the world – whether it is about language, culture, or practices of the different people they see around them.    

At SaPa, learning is always multi-level. So, children don’t just learn music, they also learn about Indian culture – languages, customs, and practices that will make them feel closer to their home country. These classes are held in small intimate batches with full access to educators. Those who like to strum can also learn the ukulele. Children also discover a clear and strong voice through English animated movies and pop music

So, if you always wanted to introduce traditional music in your child’s life or want to try a short music course to test his/her interest, this musical summer camp is just the right way forward for you.

3. Art, craft & wings to your child’s imagination…

Age group: 6-15 years

Where: Nidhi Arts

Contact: Nidhi – 9620925558

URL: https://m.facebook.com/NidhiArtIndia/

Art is the expression of the profoundest thoughts in the simplest way.” 

– Albert Einstein, physicist, violin player

If your child is inclined towards drawing and the arts, or simply shades, scribbles, and doodles (just check the margins of his/her textbooks!), he/she might just have an artistic bent of mind. Art is a form of self-expression that frees the mind and throws open a world of possibility to young minds. For some it is a destination in itself, while for others it is a means to unshackle those bound, creative thoughts.  

So, if you would like to explore drawing, painting, and craft, Nidhi Arts is a good course for beginners as well as a step-up for those who have already explored their talent. Right from pencil shading to watercolours and acrylic and oil painting and Madhubani, knife, Warli, and sponge painting, let your child dip into the colours of summer and show you a slice of his/her imagination. 

Everything you can imagine is real” 

– Pablo Picasso, artist

Let your child show you the reality he/she creates with his/her own hands. There are few things as empowering as the ability to create. Give your child the reins to steer their ideas and dreams. 

4. Tech skills & staying relevant in the 21st century

A. Scientific Thinking

Age group: Grade 2 to Grade 9

Where: Evolving Minds

Contact: 99452 75572/ 99000 84641

“The important thing is to never stop questioning.”

– Albert Einstein. physicist

What, studies during the holidays?! No way! If that is the reaction you are expecting from your kids, don’t worry! Because this is not a regular class; it is a hands-on, fun, innovative, learning experience (psst, with NO exams!). Children are naturally curious from observing their surroundings and nature and this will answer questions that pop up in their mind. 

It is simply a class that will help develop a scientific temperament where your child can ask questions and enjoy the joy of discovering. So, if you want your child to understand the world around them purely from the point of view of curiosity, go for this one!

B. Coding, AI & Python 

Age group: 6-15 years

Where: ZugZwang

It takes all sorts to make a world! And, if you are blessed with a kid who wants to upskill and stay ahead of the pack in the field of computers or to develop a different way of thinking, this is a summer camp that might serve your purpose. Here, your child will get a headstart learning coding, Artificial Intelligence, and Python. 

5. Yoga, meditation & courage to face life’s challenges

Age group: 8-18 years

Where: The Art of Living

Contact: +91 8067612345​ or secretariat@artofliving.org

“Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self.”

– Bhagavad Gita

Children are technologically-updated (a 12 year old probably knows to order through Zomato, so he/she will never go hungry!), well-endowed with information (what is the name of Apples’ latest iPhone?); some are even astute and can counsel friends. They know what they want to study, what they want to become, and some even have the path all figured out. Sounds like they have the whole package – so much better off than we were, aren’t they?

But wait, you might want to look closely into your child’s eyes. You will detect at least one, if not more, of these emotions – self-doubt, anxiety, stress, fear, confusion, aggression, or/and depression. Naturally, life’s challenges can be overwhelming for the growing child and adolescent. What they need is a way to up their Adversity Quotient. That is what yoga, pranayamas, and meditation can do for them.

The Art of Living has age-wise classes – Utkarsha Yoga (8+ up to 13 years) and Medha Yoga (13+ up to 18 years) that will help deal with issues children face at every stage. 

So, hope you found some useful summer activities for kids and summer camps for teens in this list, from kids’ music classes to science experiments and drama workshops. Summer classes are a chance for kids to explore learning in a fun atmosphere among peers. Make sure your kids have a healthy mix of work and play with these summer vacation activities – that will increase their happiness quotient!

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