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There are options for music classes everywhere you turn today. How do you know which one is the right one for you? Well, for starters, it would help us to know who you are and what you are looking for. We have come up with some classifications; see which category explains you best.

  1. Online music classes for kids
  • The musical sensation: Do you want to hone your gifted child’s skills? Do you want to train him/her to be a top level performer with holistic technical knowhow on all there is to know about swara and sur
  • The knowledgeable one: Are you looking at simply giving your child a taste of the fine arts – vocals or instrumentals and are happy with your child learning music as a hobby?  
  • The trailblazer: Are you looking at your child learning a mix of skill sets? A customised approach to music classes?  

Are you somewhere in between all these? That’s absolutely fine! We have a place for your child no matter what the interest level is. 

Our students go on to become performers and, at the same time, there are some who like to play to feel the inner stirrings of their heart! Whichever segment you or your child fits in, we have something exciting to offer you! 

Music for a goal & music for your soul!

  •  We also have music programmes for toddlers. So, don’t think your child is too young – we boast of some budding talents aged just 2 years! 
  1. Music programmes in schools: We have collaborated with several schools and offer music as part of the curriculum in various schools. If your school is interested in our programme, do connect with us. 
  1. Jam with your buddies: Are you looking at brushing up on your previously- explored flair for music or did you develop interest as an adult? Whichever way you look at it, we applaud your initiative and interest. Welcome to SaPa music classes! We have classes suited for you too.

What SaPa offers you

The objective of SaPa’s music classes is simple – we want to be home to music and the musicians.

  1. Age no bar: Our online music classes resonate with a wide variety of age groups. We have children, as young as 2, training their vocal cords as well as late bloomers finding their calling at a maturer age. All blossoming towards becoming fine singers and musicians. 
  1. The connecting cord: Our teachers not only help children learn the keys and notes, tones and beats of songs and compositions but also help children go beyond music to finding an expression of who they are. This is when they hit upon the exact bhavam, perfect swarasthaanam, and synchronised taalam that not only reflects their skill but their very own self/persona.
  1. Music without borders – We embrace an all-inclusive approach to music – you can learn Indian classical music or African folk songs. With our wide-ranging list of music classes, you can swing eastwards or westwards as your musical inclination takes you.

List of offerings:

  • Carnatic vocals 
  • Carnatic violin 
  • Carnatic flute
  • Mridangam
  • Konnakol
  • Hindustani vocal
  • Western vocal
  • Western violin
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Songwriting
  • Your own customised class
  1. Nurture nature – To us, music is a binding force. It connects the singer to his/her innermost voice and the instrumentalist to his/her personal sense of rhythm. What sets SaPa online classes apart is the care and nurturing feeling students get. The environment is invigorating; the ambience ensures your creative juices can’t help spilling out! Our teachers are passionate. After all, the lesson is a journey, not a job for them – a journey towards finding that unique connection, feeling the sensation deep within that keeps you in tune, in sync.

We warmly welcome you to join the SaPa family – come, be one of us! A musical journey that promises a whole lot of fun!

Watch out for more in this space. We will post fun facts, research pieces, and give you expert advice to help you move up in your musical education. 

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