World Piano Day 2023

5 Piano Movies Based on Famous Pianists

"Amadeus" (1984) is a period biographical drama film directed by Miloš Forman about the life of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

"Copying Beethoven" (2006) is a fictional take on the final year of the life of composer Ludwig van Beethoven, as he composes his Ninth Symphony, starring Ed Harris.

"Immortal Beloved" (1994) is a biopic on the life of composer Ludwig van Beethoven, starring Gary Oldman, featuring piano pieces such as "Moonlight Sonata," "Emperor Concerto," "Pathétique Sonata,"  and more.

"Moonlight Sonata" (1937) is a drama film starring pianist Ignacy Jan Paderewski as himself.

"The Pianist" (2002) is a true story of Polish pianist Władysław Szpilman's experience in the Jewish Ghetto of 1940s Warsaw, featuring popular piano pieces such as Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata," Chopin's and "Nocturne No. 20 in C-sharp minor".

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