Journeying Through the World of

Unique Instruments

World Music Day

Join us on  a musical journey as we explore unique instruments from around the world


The Djembe, with its resonating beats, transports both players and listeners to a realm of vibrant African culture and rhythmic euphoria


It's enchanting drone becons a profound connection to ancient traditions of Aboriginal Australia, immersing you in a timeless journey of spiritual resonance

Pan Flute

The ethereal melodies of the pan flute weave a spellbinding tapestry, whisking one away to enchanting realms where nature's whispers come alive in harmonious serenity


The soulful strums of the Shamisen becons with profound elegance, evoking a timeless connection to Japan's rich cultural heritage

Hang Drum

The mesmerising tones of the hang drum create an unworldly aura - taking you on a meditative journey where rhythm and melody intertwine and awaken an inner sense of tranquility


The resounding notes of bagpipes ignite a stirring passion, whisking you away to the rugged landscapes of Scotland, where the spirit of ancient traditions dance in the air with every resolute breath

Taiko Drums

Pulsating with raw energy, the commanding taiko drums awaken a primal force within, immersing you in the vibrant essence of Japanese heritage, where thunderous beats echo through the air, igniting a captivating symphony of rhythm and spirit

Through their unique histories, playing techniques,  and cultural significance, these instruments remind us of the universal power of music to connect hearts and souls

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