Swipe to know the differences between Hindustani Music & Carnatic Music

Hindustani and Carnatic music are known as the two glorious arms of Indian classical music.

They have emerged as opulent treasure troves for music lovers all over the world.

Origin: Hindustani music originated in North India (during the Delhi Sultanate Period), while Carnatic music originated in South India (during the Bhakti Period).

Ragas: Hindustani music has a different set of ragas compared to Carnatic music.

Improvisation: Hindustani music places a greater emphasis on improvisation, while Carnatic music is more structured and follows strict rules for composition and presentation.

Style: Hindustani music is more emotional and expressive, while Carnatic music is characterized by its technical virtuosity and rhythmic complexities.

Percussion: Hindustani music typically features tabla as its main percussion instrument, while mridangam is the primary percussion instrument in Carnatic music.